My father recently passed and my Mother assigned me POA and for Health and Financial. Her health has declined recently and we arranged for her to go to Memory Unit to stay and moved in her items. We found out yesterday that my sister had her sign a new POA giving her control of everything and wants her to live with her. We have tried to contact my sister multiple times but she will not meet with my brother and I to discuss. How can we continue to be POA ? There is a will( yet unsigned ) that named me executor , would this help our case? Where can we reach out for assistance? I just want to make sure my Mother is taking care of.

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There is no will. It doesn't exist. An unsigned will is nothing but paper and unless she is deemed competent, she cannot sign it now.

As for the POA, it sounds like you need to talk to an attorney about guardianship. If the courts award you guardianship, it will trump any POA. Sadly, unless you can prove that she was of unsound mind when she signed the most recent POA, then it will stand.

(not a lawyer but did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night)
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Casper, so sorry to read about your Dad's passing.

Depending on your Mom's memory, usually an Attorney will not allow a person to sign a Power of Attorney if that person doesn't understand what they are signing.   The same with the Will.

If Mom is still able to understand legal documents, get her over to the Attorney for her signature on that Will, etc.   And for any other legal documents that the Attorney might recommend.

Does yours sister understand how much work is involved caring for a person who has memory loss?   She is going to be in for a huge surprise.
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