I am starting a business of clearing out Deceased Estates to help the families who can't be there to do it themselves.
I will be making flyers to give to the elderly in retirement homes etc to pass on to their families, which will offer my services and contact details.
I am struggling with what wording to use on flyers as I obviously don't want to be saying "when you die have you....."
Your thoughts would be appreciated

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Matthew01, go on the Internet and see how others who this is type of work have worded their own websites. Would you be doing estate sales? Would you be pricing items for sales? Are you familiar with pricing of priceless antiques? Have you worked and learned from another dealer who does this type of work? Or would you be hauling unwanted items away?

I doubt that nursing homes would allow you to hand out fliers to their residents. If you have business cards the facilities might keep a stack on hand in case someone asks.

Put together a website, plus put on the web pager if your are licensed and bonded, as those two things are very important to consumers.
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And maybe the point of contact is through the funeral homes, not at the nursing home?
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If I had to make such a flyer, I would focus on the handling of their dear items. Have language that explains something like:
We will treat your treasures with care and reverence
The elderly are worried that their lifetime of collections will be thrown about or mismanaged.
Maybe not those exact words, but focus on what you DO...not what would cause someone to have to use this service (death).
This would also be a great service for someone who is moving into a nursing home (not dying) so that is something to think about too.
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Giving flyers to the elderly with the word 'die' on them seems very insensitive, imo. I would suggest instead of listing your business online.
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