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What are the responsibilities of a power of attorney?

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This is a GREAT question!!!! I find it common that most people that have granted a POA,were not informed of details concerning this very serious legal document, and niether party has a clue of what POA is for or what to do or that the powers needed to be written on those papers are needed for an "individuals" particular situation, financially and medically or of the responsabilities expected/granted. I am a hairsdresser and before I color a persons hair there is a consultation of what is the result expected or procedure involved and care after because unless I explain they don't know these things. The clients ask a million questions and I answer to the best of my knowledge. I don't understand why these very important legal papers about a persons Lifes treasures and assets and future health concerns are accepted by grantee or granted without knowing the facts or whats to be expected. Are people afraid to ask Lawyers questions or do they just care more about thier hair than thier life in someone elses hands. Maybe if I charged $50.00 per question I bet I'd be asked less questions or clients would have more trust in my professionalism if I charged by the hour. Read the papers and it say's what you have granted. The Agent you selected should be someone, with whom you have absolutely no doubt in your (sound) mind, that they will look out for "YOUR" best interest on all matters grantor has granted. This type of person is rare:
~I would trust most Dogs to do this job in most cases better than people, Dogs give love and protection without expecting anything to gain and most Dogs will die for you without a second thought!!!~ If dogs could sign papers that is.~
Although I must say this web site has proven that there are those rare souls right here, and usually they get beat up emotionally by the untrusting, heartless, sellfish, uncareing, power hungry, greedy losers that think thier actions go without punishment. My true emotions get vented here, I have learned alot about people from this experience. So if you have found a true friend that is willing and trusting you should discuss all your wishes and concerns and have it written to your individual assets and accounts details. General wording may be a conflict with your account holders. I advise calling the legal departments for all accounts find out what they look for as far as thier legal requirements for transfers etc. Any Id's , SS card birth certificate, passport, marriage or divorce papers, your parents last names(of grantor of POA), deeds, tax forms, VET papers, income tax for prior years, etc.are all needed too. If everyone organized these things before a health issue becomes a crisis situation it would be easier on your trusted POA.
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I am really concerned if you gave the POA and didn't bother to figure out what you gave her before you signed?
Take it to an attorney. Have he/she explain it. If you don't like it make out a new POA and put whomever you think best as the POA.
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