Renal failure and protein shakes; Any advice about what can we give to her to improve her nutrition?

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Renal Failure and Protein shakes Hi!! My Grandmother in not eating well, she has been diagnosed with renal failure, so we can´t give her protein shakes or similar, she is also diabetic. Any advice about what can we give to her to improve her nutrition????. Thanks!!!!

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I think I would ask the doctor who's treating her for renal failure or diabetes about nutrition. This is a highly specific issue, and I think a specialist, such as the doctors or a dietician, should be the ones to provide answers.

You could probably also call a national diebetic association, and ask if there are any consulting nutritionists, but I really would look to her treating medical team first to avoid any foods or drinks that are contraindicated.

Good luck; this sounds like a real challenge.
Mely, were you told specifically to avoid giving her drinks like Ensure or Boost?

As GA advises, I'd get a nutritionist involved in her care as soon as you can.
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Mely, I have both diabetes and chronic kidney disease. The diet is fairly rigid when you have both diseases. The goal is to reduce the potassium, sodium and phosphorus in your body, along with carbohydrate, fat reduction and maintaining proper blood sugar levels. I go to a hospital based nutritionist once every month or six weeks. This is the best way to make sure you are following the correct diet. I would ask her physician for a referral to a registered dietician. Also check with her physician to see if her liquid intake is being restricted on a daily basis.
@melysologuren - My mom has end stage renal disease, on hemodialysis. Coincidentally we met with the nephrologist and the renal team today. I asked about making milkshakes for mom, because she has a poor appetite and poor nutrition.  Basically all she really wants is cottage cheese and crackers, and will drink Ensure if I put it in front of her, but it's pretty boring on its own.

The renal dietician says Ensure makes a protein powder that is safe for kidney patients. I can use the Ensure powder and the Ensure liquid together, along with fruit, etc., to make milkshakes for mom.

I would definitely suggest talking to the dietician at your local renal unit!
There are other ways your grandma might be able to get more protein. Like, the dietician says if my mom takes these special calcium pills when she eats cottage cheese, the calcium binds to the excess phosporus in her blood and can be dialyzed out. Again, worth talking to a renal dietician because they know lots of little tweaks.
Thank you so much for all your comments I will definitely take her to a dietitian and talk again with her nephrologist!!! Thank you so much!!!!
Mely, Best wishes for getting a solution.
@melysologuren - Today, the renal dietician sent some recipe notes home from dialysis with mom.  The protein powder is called Beneprotein, looks like it's made by Nestle. When we met yesterday, she said frozen fruits are great for these recipes, and you can switch fruits and yogurts around as you wish. (The dietician has written "Ensure" where the recipes originally called for milk or soy milk.  I assume these recipes are from the Beneprotein maker!!!)

Strawberry Smoothie (1 - 8oz. serving)
1/2 cup strawberry yogurt
1/4 cup Ensure
2 scoops Beneprotein protein powder
1/ cup sliced strawberries

Peach Power Protein Smoothie (1 - 12oz. serving)
1/3 cup peach yogurt
1/2 cup Ensure
1 tbsp ground flax
3 scoops Beneprotein
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup diced peaches
1 tbsp honey

Both: Blend till smooth, store up to 24 hrs. in fridge

And the last page says to add 2 scoops Beneprotein to 1 cup prepared hot oatmeal. Also add favourite additions (raisins, nuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, etc.) as desired.

I am going to make these drinks for Mom.  Ensure is great for what's in it, tastes kinda MEH!  Not really inspiring for those already without much appetite.

Edited to add:  There are about a dozen different types of Ensure (high calorie, high protein, etc.) on the market, so make sure you get the dietician to recommend the right one.  My mom is supposed to drink the high calorie one, but she is not diabetic. 
Dorianne, Is your mother also a diabetic?
@Upsetsister49 - no.

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