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My mother is 91 and has been in and out of rehab this year and last for therapy. In April she severely broke her ankle and is in rehab for therapy. Medicare has paid the last 100 days and stopped. She needs to remain in rehab for therapy but I have no way to pay for the room. Her insurance will continue to pay for her therapy but I need help to cover paying for her room. What are her options? I've taken care of my mom these last few years and have spent both her's and my savings, insurance and sold assets. Can she get both Medicare and Medicaid without dropping Medicare or her private insurance? Is there another option for her? She's unable to be at home with home health. Any ideas are appreciated.

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You do understand that Medicare only pays 100% for 20 days, 21 to 100 50%. Her suppliment may pay the balance. Moms didn't and she paid $150 a day. After that its private pay or apply for Medicaid. The rehab should help. My question here is...after 100 days why is she still having trouble. Thats 90 days. I know the elderly take longer to heel but 100 days seems sufficent to me. I am pretty sure they will discharge her when they find out she has no money. Personally, I would like to have a bone Dr. See her. I am not big on rehabs. I don't think the hour in the morning and another in the afternoon is enough. And I rarely saw them walking patients. Most were in wheelchairs. Have they Xrayed since she has been in to see how she healed. At this point, I would want someone checking her out outside the rehab.
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DeAnna is right. Once 100 day Medicare is spent, the costs of care fall on the patient/resident also called private pay. Even if Medicaid is started she would still be on the hook for costs up until Medicaid kicked in, unless Medicaid would pay for costs before it started, Sorry.
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Thank you so much, Carol
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Medicare pays a percentage % of your Mom's expenses at the Rehab-Nursing Home for 100 days and then your Mom has to wait for at least 60 days before she can have Medicare pay again for therapy for another "health event". You don't "drop" Medicare, it just can't be used for 60+ days for therapy.

Since 100 days of Medicare are done (for now), then your Mom needs to pay for her stay at the nursing home. If your Mom hasn't applied for Medicaid , then she needs to especially since you "used up spent both hers and my savings, insurance and sold assets". Unfortunately many elderly people and their families are in the same situation where they don't have the funds to pay for nursing homes yet the elderly person can not be taken care of at home. Sorry that I don't have better advise for you.
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Her private insurance doesn't cover?

Ask the social worker if she can help with other options. The only experience I have with a similar situation involved other, long term care issues, so I don't have much to offer in the way of suggestions.

Afternoon postings seem to slow down, but I'm sure someone will respond later in the evening to help you out.

In the meantime though, ask the social worker to help you with a Medicaid application.
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