She is refusing any activity, I try to find things to give her something to do and make her day a little more interesting. She is refusing everything, I try to craft with her or walk a couple steps, exercise or play a game or do a puzzle but she is refusing everything. She has dementia and Alzheimers. She can walk pretty ok but is also not going to the bathroom or denies if you ask her to go to the bathroom. She hasn't lost bowel control but she is just not going.

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If you have a nice big window where she likes to sit you can set up multiple bird feeders. My MIL w/short term memory issues (who also stopped doing a lot of things) really loved watching the birds and animals. Many nursing homes have finch aviaries and fish tanks.
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NatPro Oct 10, 2019
She has a big window with bird feeders, she actually has a bird of her own.
Ask her if she would like a ride. Like to play a simple matching game of any kind. Does she like radio. They get tired. For my Aunt she liked to just sit and look out the window. Told me when she thought of anything much at all it was her life and all the good times she had. She said she was content with that. Don't expect her needs to be what you might imagine your own are. I do think if they can get to any day groups where there is activity and other folks, music and art and whatever, it is very good, esp the socializing if this was someone who loved socializing at all.
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NatPro Oct 10, 2019
Anything i ask her she says no. Any social activity no. It’s funny she tells me over and over her good memories and what a good life she had. She basically has no bad memory. She used to socialize a lot but she refuses to go to any seniors activities. But she also complains that she is just sitting around all day :-(

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