Re: Escalation. Any further suggestions as to a u-turn?


A locksmith has changed various locks in my mother’s premises, I managed to intercept the helpful individual and he admitted his boss said that it could be a messy situation. Mum is obviously being manipulated because her mental level of functioning is poor! My wife and I now have legal representation, any further suggestions as to a u-turn? I suspect my sister has got little backbone to contest escalating events and one’s nefarious brother-in-law is the driving force, empowered by greed. My sister cannot be contacted and their empowerment is unchallenged.

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Discombobulated I'm sorry to be short tempered but it is very late in the evening and I for one would find short sentences stating what is happening a great help.

Your mother owns a property. You have previously had access to it, but arrived to find a locksmith in the process of changing the locks, so that you no longer have access. You have subsequently discovered that your mother's house has been placed with an estate agent for sale. You assume that your sister and BIL have done this; but you don't give any reason why they shouldn't have.

Has your mother moved into residential care? Is she living with your sister?

If you have personal possessions still in the house, why not contact the estate agent and ask him to seek permission from the vendor or the vendor's representative for you to visit the property, suitably accompanied, to retrieve them. It might help the process if you were to submit an inventory of items you wish to claim.
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I assume it’s too premature for my sister to have POA but she has presumably convinced our mother to sell her property,at short notice.
The locksmith was followed by an estate agent at lunchtime who refused to divulge their source of authority,my meddling sister & brother-in-law!
My concern is exacerbated by having some personal possessions temporarily stored within her premises which I must regain, to avoid being included in a potential house clearance,however,one’s sister is incommunicado!
Can anyone elucidate on procedural aspects of regaining accessibility to one’s belongings.
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Who has POA?
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I do not understand your question. U-turn? From what? Maybe I am just not awake yet.
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