We own land, so we don't qualify for Medicaid, but I have had to quit my job to take care of my husband because of his Parkison's, Diabetes and foot ulcers. Could I still qualify for the PACE program and receive some reimbursement for taking care of him as he needs assistance with nearly all of his ADLs?

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"PACE" or "Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly" is a dual Medicare-Medicaid managed care program offered under a Medicaid waiver so a participant must be eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

PACE is not a reimbursement program. A participant in a PACE program has all of their medical and long-term care needs provided by the sponsor. This can/will include all medical services, home care, adult day care, assisted living care, and nursing home care.

All services are provided by the sponsor's network of providers; a participant may have limited or no choice.

The PACE programs I am familiar with offer top-notch services and care.

By the way, owning land does not automatically mean you do not qualify for Medicaid. If the property is income producing, for example, the property is a non-countable asset. In some states a property listed for sale at fair market value may be considered "unavailable" and therefore non-countable.
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We were told that my mother HAD to be on Medi Cal and Medicare to be eligible for PACE. I am in California and there are certain areas that are covered and other areas that are not. My mother lived on the other side of the street which formed a boundary line and therefore could not be admitted. They said they were expanding but did not know when her area would be covered. Also these programs can only have a certain number of participants and in our area they are pretty much full. We tried to get Mom into the skilled nursing facility and were told she would be on a one year waiting list, however our doctor's mother had been on a waiting list for 3 years!

So even though we hear of some great programs it does not always mean we will be able to get into them......unfortunately!
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