My father is currently in a rehab facility and has been there almost two months. He was just approved SSI, and in Texas, will also receive Medicaid benefits. I was told I will get a card/letter in the mail regarding his Medicaid. Does anyone know how we can get my dad home after we get this letter? My understanding is that medicaid will pay the rehab facility for his stay but he can be transfered to home medicaid after 30 days (which he's already passed). We want to get him home as soon as we can (he's been in hospital and rehab place over 7 months). He needs someone to check on him and give him his medicines and we need to know how we can get his medicines and doctors visits once we take him home. Anyone have experience with this? I know the social worker is suppose to help, but I've been misled on a few items regarding benefits already, so I dont have much faith in the social worker. Please any help is appreciated!!

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Pam is right on! Make sure you have discussed care needs and prognosis with his care team and drs. Ask what care support will be IN PLACE once he returns home -- for example, bathing, getting around, meals, meds, etc. Ensure YOU HAVE A CARE PLAN in place for him as well -- are there siblings to help? If so how, make sure they are contributing time, vacation time, etc. to care for dad...don't get emotional and let all this fall in you just because you are closest or have been involved to date.

Consider spending whole days with dad at rehab or NH to fully understand what he can and can't do. Get those visiting nurses, OT, etc. set up and in place before dad returns home.
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I waited for my loved one's Medicaid card to come in the mail, but it never did. After a lot of checking around, I discovered that they normally mail the card to the facility the patient is staying. It's difficult to get a replacement and it's kept locked in a safe at the facility. I'd check with them if you don't get it soon.
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Wait, hold on, stop and think. Going home may not be the safest option for him. If he has not progressed in seven months, my guess he will not be able to cook a meal, manage meds or safely get in and out of the tub. Start looking at what is practical and not your emotional need to get him home. Try to be very objective and listen to the MD's very carefully.
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