Results showed a decline. Doctor recommended daily assistance with meds, meals and bill paying. She suggested that maybe assisted living could be an option. As of right now, my Mom lives with my two sisters who are no help to her at all. She handles all of the day to day living things she needs to do on her own. She looked at an assisted living facility near her. We felt she could start at independent living with med reminders as an add on. Well the lady she dealt with at this place believes she should be in memory care. Are they qualified to make this judgment? Also none of her doctors, primary care, neurologist or neuro psych have suggested this.

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This might mean they have a spot in Memory Care and not in AL.

Did they say she had Mild Cognitive Decline? My mom did fine in Independent Living with MI for a year. In fact, we'd tried AL and it was a bad fit.

Can someone take over her finances? Can she take her meds reliably? I would ask the doctor for clarification about that. I set up mom's pills once a week and she wrote down everything she took, quite reliably. She caught every pillbox error that I made. She was able to take her bp everyday and chart it.

IL was good for my mom because of the daily activities, the MUCH better nutrition and the fact that there was a geriatrics doc and a geri psychiatrist on site.
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