How do you put an adult diaper on someone who cannot stand or roll over?


My father is no longer able to stand, and he cannot roll on his side, or he has serious breathing difficulties (he has lung cancer). Do you have any advice as to what we can do? Until recently, we could get the diapers on him standing, but he's no longer able to stand, and we've been struggling to hold him up to get them on, and it hurts us and him. I know there's the standard method, lying down, where you roll your patient from side to side, but my father cannot breathe (because of his cancer), when he's lying on his side. Can anyone please help?

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I found straps that go on the leg. Called Lavin Lift Straps.
They go around each thigh and have loops on the top. The loops are then attached to a Hoyer Lift. the Hoyer is then raised and that raises the lower half of the body. I found that raising my husbands legs while lowering the bed a bit gave me enough room to pretty quickly change him.
There is a Youtube video that demonstrates how they work. I purchased the straps through Amazon as it was a little less expensive than other places that had them.
Hope this helps.
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My MIL had COPD and Emphysema. When she was lying in bed I would roll her on to her side and hold her with one hand and position the diaper with the other hand. She was on her side for just a few seconds. Also she got one bedsore and I knew I needed to do something different for her cause this was painful. I purchased a Airone Alternating Pressure Pad. It was very quiet and and blew up different parts of the mattress so gently that she didn't even notice it. We had no more bedsores. This was only around $80 and was so worth the money.
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My husband, (stroke patient) has used a condom catheter, at night. This has been a life saver for us. Though it won't help with bowel movements, it lessens the need for changing.
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Are you using the briefs with the tape on them, if not you should. Your letter reads as if you are trying to get the pull up diapers on him. With him lying on his back,fold the diaper over your hand and just push it under him and tape it on the sides, no need to move him onto his side.
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Using the rolling technique, your father shouldn't be on his side for long enough to trouble his breathing - it's only a brief moment just while you position the diaper under his hips. Do you have a slide sheet? Are you doing this single-handed, or with another person?

The only other thing I can suggest is using bed-pans and bottles on a fixed schedule, and plenty of absorbent pads on the bed; but obviously that will only work if your father retains any sense of urgency when he needs to go.

Do you have a hospital bed for your father, so that you can change his lying position easily?
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That's a tough one, although logic tells me there must be a way because people with spinal fractures would have difficulty as well. Do you have the help of a hospice provider? Would you consider using a lift?
Another thought, using a catheter for urine would help cut down on the number of changes.
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I have used a lift for my dad, and it requires shoving the canopy under the patient - for which we used the roll over method, same as you described. The catch here is the inability to breathe on his side. I do not know if ther is one that can just pull him up by the shoulders. Short of mechanical help, since he is no longer able to stand - he may need to be held vertically. No doubt this is not a one person job.
If you are trying to care for him at home, it may be time for a facility hospice, were there would be sufficient staff to attend as mother nature calls. The catheter suggestion is very good as well - all this jarring must be very uncomfortable to the patient.

Best of luck
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Maybe a thick foam square to lift the legs enough to clean him up. Then two diapers at once so that when one is pulled out, the other is still in place. I haven't tried it myself, yet. He should be moved occasionally to prevent bed sores so maybe lifting his legs will help with that too.
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We were just going through the same thing with our mother who has lung cancer which metastasized to her adrenal glands, pancreas and brain. Our hospice nurse had us lay our mother on the bed with disposable pads horizontally underneath her bottom and then to lay a 'tabbed' diaper covering the front of her while trying to tuck the back portion under her genital area and legs (not too much that it was uncomfortable for her). Then when she would soil them, we'd still need to roll her to one side while (a) rolling up the soiled towards her and rolling out a new one, then (b) rolling her to the other side while rolling up the rest of the soiled one and then the new one. It helps if they can hold onto a bed rail (if you don't have side bed rails, try to get one (hospice can provide if you are receiving their services). Then wipe and clean.
I understand that he still won't be able to breathe when he is on his side, but hopefully this is a quicker method. You could also consider a catheter, which would make all of the above a moot point.
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I agree with virginia55 using the large tape fastener diapers are on call here. When you change his bed, what do you do? You can put the the sheet, the bed pad, and the diaper in place at the same time. If there's someone there to help you that would be a big help! Having someone to help would make it easier on your father. When you only have to change his diaper If someone can push down on the mattress while you slide the diaper under your father, that's worth a try also. My prayers for your father and you, we all know it's difficult, from experience I'm thankful I was able to take care of my mom at home before she passed away.
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