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What do I do to protect Mom from spending every cent she has on crazy stuff?


My Mom had a massive stroke 14 years ago that took her left side and affect her logicical thinking and reasoning areas of he brain. Her long term memory remains in tact so far. My dad was her primary caregiver for the past 12 years until he passed within 10 weeks of being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer 6 months ago . Since that time I have moved her into assisted living in a very nice facility in the same town as I live in so I would be closer and in hopes that she would have a somewhat social life with all the others in the community . Unfortunately it has not happened like I thought it would . She has recently started doing things for attention . She refused to eat harldy anythinh for 3 weeks to the point that her body looked for nutrition wherever it could find it . Using her blood as nutrients to the loss of almost half of the blood in her body . After spending 2 days in ICU getting 4 units of blood and 1 of platelets. Numerous tests and scope she was released with a clean bill of health . No bleeding anywhere to be found .
Within 7 hours of returning to the assisted living community she was cussing the staff and causing trouble .All because she didn't get what she wanted immediately when she asked for it . yet again throwing a fit to the point that I was called by administration notifying me that if she continued to cause disturbances she would have to move out .
After a call to her Dr he ordered a psychological exam of her and recommended she be admitted for counseling and medication management. Since being admitted she has started hitting and putting herself on the floor if she does not get her way . Also making up stories ,and making threats, but yet at times she is as sweet as sugar . But will flip on a dime if she gets angry . I have avoided contact as I don't want to undo any progress that has been made to help her . Being her only child I am the one she attacks and blames for everything . I am also her POA both medical and financial . In her rage she has said she is going to remove that. She has no one else to take care of her and she is completely unable to manage her care or funds ,as she cannot even dress, toilet , feed. cook . bathe ,medicate herself . She does none of the everyday living needs required to care for herself . I don't think she can get the POA changed.

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Oh I have POA and have had for years ,. but she is threatening to revoked it . I spoke to her new Dr of 6 months and he says he can not find her incompetent because she can speak even thought she has threatened to do harm to herself ..... She is in a Psychatric hospital now ... Iam her only child there is no one else to take care of her.
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It sounds like she has dementia. But your question stated that you were concerned about her spending money. As her POA you can take control of her finances and make sure her bills are paid on time. If she has credit cards I'd confiscate those too.

There have been several posts here on this very topic. You can do a search and come up with them. Good luck to you.
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Xanax. You may have to add Celexa. She is undoubtedly depressed. She may have had additional strokes, and that should be checked. You may have to pursue a full Guardian status, depending on the findings of her inpatient status. She can change the POA at any time! She cannot change a Guardian appointed by the court, and that is your safest option.
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