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What is the proper way to apply eye ointment?


My Grandma was recently diagnosed with blepharitis and I'm supposed to apply ointment to the affected eye - the instructions from the doctor say "apply to affected eyelid three times a day". I called to clarify if that meant the outer eyelid or the inner eyelid and the receptionist said outer after looking in Grandma's chart.

Does that sound right to you all? The instructions from the pharmacy and drug manufacturer indicate that the ointment goes in the eye.

Since we're on the topic, what is the best way to apply ointment to the inner eyelid or eye? I can never get it in the pouch you're supposed to make. It ends up on the eye and I'm not sure if that's ok. I'm much better with drops.


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Youtube is good or you can speak directly with a pharmacist, medications are their area of expertise and they can guide you better than a doctor. And don't worry about getting it on the eye, anything prescribed will be safe.
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Go on YouTube and search for a nursing training video for the proper way to apply eye ointment.
Wash your hands before applying anything to the eye. You have to "line" the bottom lid with the ointment by gently using your thumb placed below the eye to ease the bottom lid open to air and then have the person close the eye and look all around with the eye shut. Hard to explain. 
Nursing school videos will show you.
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I just looked up blepharitis on the internet as I wasn't familiar with this, and apparently this condition can affect both the outside of the eyelid or inside the eyelid. I would call back the doctor and speak to the doctor directly.

Same here, I do better with eye drops then with a gel. The gel goes in all directions making a mess. Drops are so much easier.
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