I wanna bring her to my house but there are some renovating that need to be done to suit her there any kind of financial through the state or govt. To help me. I would rather have her home with me then in a elderly home.

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I live in CT also and have had very bad luck getting money back for any and all improvements for the house. If she is injured sometimes if it's a piece of equipment you need, agencies will help and there are places such as Hospice for Central Connecticut and a few other health care places (if you need names for this reason let me know as I have been there and done that with my grandma) to get things such as walkers, raised toilet seats, and even a portable wheelchair at a cheap or for free. Other things such as the chair lifts that are medically required, we had no luck in getting reimbursed by medicare for. Things such as the ramp we are getting put in, hand holds, tub cuts, etc we had to pay for with our money or use her savings to have done but let me tell you it might cost money but they are wonderful things to have in your home for your loved ones.
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State agencies are very reluctant to pay for the improvements if it is NOT her own home. Some states will help a Medicaid recipient to stay in their own home, but not in yours.
Many children want to bring mom home without realizing that it is physically impossible to do all the things that three shifts of nurses and aides do. Within a month they are desperate, even suicidal and verge on physical abuse. Talk to someone who has been there.
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