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Etaner, this question has been asked periodically. These are links to other questions, which could probably offer some insight into what's available. repairs

As far as free work, though, the only sources of which I know are Habitat for Humanity, and some churches in some areas. Someone on another forum used to provide construction type services through a local Methodist church.

Beyond that, check out the references in other posts to local communities and the grants they might receive.

If you do find someone, it helps others here to post that information so they can be aware and offer recommendations to future questions like yours.

Good luck.
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etaner, when it comes to a point where an elder cannot afford to live in their home, then it is time to downsize and sell. With home ownership there is always some type of major maintenance going on.

This year windows and doors, which are quite expensive to replace. Few months later it is the furnace, or the plumbing, again another expensive item.

Then what is next, the property taxes and homeowner's insurance? It can be a never ending circle. I hate to be a downer on this as we would all love to remain in our house when we get older, but sometimes it just cannot be feasible :(
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Etaner, it depends on where you live. I am in NY State and my city has a program that helps low to mid income get the services that they need however, it's more for energy savings than anything else. Windows and doors, I believe, are covered. Maybe you call contact your city or state's government offices to see if they have any programs available.
I wish you the best of luck!
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CoralMae, you've reminded me of another source - utilities. Ours have various programs to increase energy conservation, although they're not free. But there may be some utilities that have more expansive programs.
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