What happens when POA inherits everything once the elder passes?


Are there certain legal things to be done?

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What does the will say? Who is named the executor of the estate? In my situation, I'm currently my mother's POA. Her will names me as her executor and the sole beneficiary. I am sure that my step-dad and step-siblings will not like this, but that is how my mother wrote up her will.
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Well, if you are also named executor of the estate, there will be. A POA only lasts until the person dies and then the one they named executor takes over. It doesn't matter if you were POA or not because at death, everything changes in a legal sense.

And if you are not executor but are named heir, then you probably won't have to do anything but wait. Hopefully it will avoid probate altogether or at least the majority and you won't have to wait long.

If you can't afford legal counsel, you can look up the particular duties of executor on many websites offering legal advice. Be sure and get info specific to your state.

If you can afford it, then do consult an attorney directly.
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