Pop won't move to a NH and Nana's health is deteriorating looking after him. Any advice?


Pop is 95yo, Nana is 85yo and I feel that if they move to a NH Nana could live a lot longer, kids refuse to send them because that will "kill" Pop, but what about Nana?

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Hello Cherine,

Here are 2 useful tools that AgingCare.com team has provided. They are free helpful guides. One is for the overall process of caregiving and understanding the next step for NH, AL, etc. The other is for home care. Nana might be more applicable for home care.



Hope this helps.

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hell even our little midwest town has unbelievable accomodations for nearly any set of special needs. in the same old complex lies everything from an orphanage to IL , AL, NH, etc. ill bet the accomodations exist for your elders to cohabitate with the benefit of professional assistance.
i agree with you. anything that might ( or might not ) kill pop, shouldnt have to kill nana too. i think you should explore the options in your town.
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