With my Power Of Attorney can I change that investments back to half and half as my aunt wishes but I do not want her husband to find out?


My Aunt And I have always been very close she never had childern. She made me durable POA as her Husband treats her horrible and always has. She now
has cancer and demita and he has taking over everything and just waiting for her to die. She does live with him. She did have bank accts with her name only
but some how his name is on them. She also had a a very large amount of money in a American fund that she lefted me half him the other. When he found out he made her take my name off or said she be sorry and she has to live with him and was scared of him. She talks about it all the time and says I am sorry
but there is nothing I can do. She does not have to live with him as myself and my daughters have said she can move in with us but she will not because she says it is not fair to us and wants to remain in her own home. So I guess what I am asking with my POA can I change that investment back to half and half as her wishes but i do not want him to find out.

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Jane B gave good advice. This is sad, but sometimes there's only so much you can do unless you engage legal action. Keep loving her,
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Your POA may have been replaced by one she gave him. She would have needed to give her permission to have the other financial matters changed, as you described. He couldn't do that alone, UNLESS he has a POA. If you make changes without her permission, even with that POA document, you could leave yourself open to legal charges -- civil and criminal. If she isn't able to reach out to someone she knows and trusts (you), who is willing to give her a home, she sure isn't likely to take any legal action against her husband either. She is making a trade-off, in order to remain in her home with some semblance of "regular" life. That is the choice she is making. I would just hold her in love, and realize this money is not coming your way. It's hard to watch, I have no doubt. It is unfair of him, that is clear. ANd the one person who can stop it is, at the moment, unable to stand up to him. Love her anyway. That is something you can do that will help her now. Just love her anyway.
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