POA forms and living will forms



I would use a lawyer. Wife should be present because she is the one assigning you as POA. My Moms medical POA read like a living will. It mentioned what she wanted and didn't want.

A few people on the Forum have mentioned that hospitals have not always abided by the living will. I had no problem with instituting Moms POA.
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thank you for your advice!!!
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Dogbite, are you looking for forms on the Internet? If so, please note this isn't a do-it-yourself type of legal form. All it takes is one misplaced or missing word to throw havoc into the document.

I used an "Elder Law Attorney" and just to give you an idea, my Power of Attorney is 17 pages long. It covers so many issues.
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Dog, what is your question? How to find an attorney to prepare them? Scope of authority? Please tell us more about your needs.
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