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POA and changing a will?


My grandmother put her house under my name in her will and I'm worried that my father will manipulate her into making him her POA. Could he change her will in order to put the house in his name and sell it?

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No. Unless your grandmother has given instructions to that effect, there is no reason why money from her house should be different from any other assets she has. The only principle the POA must keep to is that her money, from whatever source, can be spent only for her benefit. A person with POA cannot just pocket the cash for himself, it would be serious financial abuse.

If you have good reason to believe that your father is abusing his POA in this way or might do, you can go to APS. But if you want them to take a complaint seriously you will need facts and evidence. Go to them saying "he's spending my inheritance on her!" and you will get the bum's rush.
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Does there need to be documentation that her care costs can't be covered by any other means unless her house is sold?
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I am concerned that he will manipulate her into changing her will because she suffered a stroke and he wants to sell her house for his own gain. The sale of her house for her care might be an unfortunate truth and no, I'm not relying on the house becoming my property. I just refuse him to abuse her in her state. Thank you for the advice.
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Your grandmother can change her will. But your father could not use Power of Attorney to make changes to her will.

Mind you. If he can manipulate her, as you put it, into giving her POA then presumably you are also concerned that he could manipulate her into changing her will, are you?

There is also the possibility that her house will need to be sold to pay for her care as time moves on. He would have the authority - nay, the responsibility - to do that.

Are you relying on the house becoming your property? I wouldn't if I were you.
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