My parents who live in Holland have bed bugs in their condo due to a mentally disabled son. They are 79 years old and are overwhelmed by what has to be done to prepare for someone to treat it. Are there any resources out there to help them?

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You call your county health department and report the infestation.
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Yes yes yes!! Do not panic...but it is overwhelming for EVERYONE to prepare, if it is done right. And so expensive to get help. I fear you are talking about Holland the country and not Holland I am not at all familiar with resources there, but I would be googling and calling their local city hall or whatever they have there, places that assist older adults/offices on aging/whatever is similar to what we have in the US. They cannot be the only one to deal with this. In fact, for some reason, we have seen the same situation at my own office on aging: when we encountered our first case, we scrambled to establish policy and started with requiring those we serve to provide written proof of their space having been treated before we would go back in. We learned from their pest control company that they had them out but never followed through on suggested further treatment; we learned there was an adult child living in a group home for adults with challenges who regularly came to visit. The bugs were coming from the group home or the sheltered workshop the participants may have attended and onto transportation possibly. The bugs MUST be stopped at the source, and it is an immense challenge. You need to make a clear plan because if you don't, all of these exhausting efforts and expense will be for nothing if the bugs are brought back in again. If the condo has a wall(s) in common with neighbors, they might want to know as well. The best (I have heard and believe) detectors are trained canines. The bugs are incredibly resilient and only need to eat once a year from what I recall. At the very least, you might be able to hire privately, provide tyvek/disposable jumpsuits. Will they be using heat or chemicals to treat? Usually they suggest all clothing, bedding etc be put in a dryer on high heat for a set period of time, and dressers, closets, etc be emptied (and those things in the dryer, then in plastic bags that are sealed and removed) so that the heat from the equipment used can seep in to as many spaces as possible. After it has been treated, if it is at all possible, you'd want to make sure when the son comes over that his clothing is changed (and shoes, and belongings must be checked) prior to entering the home. You can google this subject and find out more about how the bugs behave and what can be done...I wish you luck and energy...btw, around here there have been some companies that have set up JUST for the set up and prep. It's a real money sucker, but may be worth it.
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