Is it normal for them to forget a son-in-law but not their grandchildren?


grandma forgets who my dad is but hasn't forgotten who her grandchildren are. is that normal?

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Memory will even change from day to day. Some days she may remember her son and other days she won't. The grandchildren are "novel" in that she may not see as many children as adults, but she will - sadly - eventually forget who they are, as well. People generally remember faces longer than names. They forget the relationship that people have with them but may still remember the face and that the person is "there" for them. So, as Jeannegibbs said, there is no "normal" and being forgotten shouldn't be taken personally.

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If grandma has dementia, any kind of memory pattern is "normal." My mother doesn't recognize one daughter-in-law, even though they were once pretty close and Mom spent a lot of time at their home. Who knows why? Maybe she just looks a lot different now. I don't think that the forgotten person should take it personally.
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