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Buy him an old fashioned phone with a cord and eliminate the problem
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robinspiegel, one time I tried the portable landline for my Dad, and sure enough, he would forget to push the button to answer.... forget to push the button to hang-up... and forget to place the phone in the charger.

He had over a half a century of knowing exactly how to use an old fashioned landline. I didn't want to confuse him more with something new. So I removed the portable phone.

And no cellphone for Dad, either. He would get all befuddled. I've been down the road myself, I have a flip phone, and one day my boss asked me to answer his Smartphone..... I just stared at it, had no clue how to answer it :P
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We just increased the level of care for my Mom in AL. Things like making sure she showers, her clothes are clean, etc. One of the things we asked them to do was make sure her phones are in the chargers.
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My Mom was notorious for not putting her handsets back on the bases to recharge. We’d find them everywhere, all dead. We only solved that by replacing it with an old fashioned looking phone with a cord. It had a picture of me that she just had to press to call me. I got it on amazon for under $30.
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Many seniors have difficulty remembering to push a button in order to answer and hang up modern phones - see if you can find an old fashioned phone, the kind with a cord.
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