My mother-in-law is 88 yrs old. My husband was taken off as Power of Attorney to her estate because his sister took him off when she became sole POA. My husband has always looked out for the welfare of his mother and now that his sister has taken over everything, she will not communicate with my husband, share anything with him, and has broken the trust she was put in charge of. She, has we suspect, because of putting her name on the accounts with my mother-in-law and removed my husband from the accounts, has taken a substantial amount of money for her own use. We don't know what else she has done to the trust, if she can do anything. But if it concerns money, then she will do what she can to become sole heir and make her children the beneficiaries thus removing her own brother, my husband from what is rightly his should their mother succumb before they do. This is not right, and it upsets my husband to know that his mother is not being cared for honestly. We live 300 miles away and my husband calls his mom once if not more times a week just to talk with her. It is not greed in any sense of the word on my husband's part, but rather he wants his mom's welfare to be honestly looked after as he was doing before his sister took over her deviousness. We have spoken to an attorney but the attorney told us we should get one in the city where his mom lives. We don't know who to turn to anymore; should we turn this over to the D.A. or should we have his sister investigated and find out about all her deviousness or what? This is ridiculous. His mom also told him that his sister wants to move her into an assisted living residence so her own son can have the house. This is so dishonest and mom isn't even gone yet. This is criminal activity. Whom should we turn to, to get this mess taken care of and the POA revoked on his sister who is pilfering everything. Mom's attorney won't talk to my husband either. Thank you for your help.

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Certainly get an attorney...I didn't know you can take someone's name off of a bank fact I am sure you can not without that person being taken off signs the bank! If the trust was in both your husband and your SILs name, I don't think she can take his name off that either....Is your MIL in her right mind???????????? She does not need a POA if she is and can decide who she wants to run her finances....get help before the money is GONE.....and your MIL has nothing left!! Seems like the SIL should have to account for money she is spending for her own use! Get to work girlfriend! Good Luck!~
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