Pulls the depends down. I am about at wits end. This descent into dementia has been very rapid....4 weeks.

Yes! Agree with testing for UTI! A UTI can cause strange behavior and even delirium in an elderly person, often before other symptoms present. In the meantime, get a urinal (plastic bottle with lid) to keep by the bed -- maybe he will use it, or maybe you can "intercept" with it before the urine gets all over the floor. Wish you the best! I know this is really hard from my own experience.
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Dementia affects people in different ways. But, I'd consult with a doctor to rule out other issues. I will say that I have known a few people over the years whose family members displayed dementia by urinating or defecating all over their house. Some requiring professional cleaners. They had to be supervised at all times to prevent this from happening. All of the ones that I know, were later placed in professional facility, because supervising around the clock may be expensive or unfeasible for the family members. 

After discussing with his doctor, you might explore adult onesies that are designed with closing in the back, so they cannot be removed by the wearer. It would keep him from removing his Depends. I don't have any experience with them though.
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I agree about calling the doctor. Dementia doesn't affect a person in just 4 weeks. It's gradual, over months and maybe years.
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Have you had your husband tested for a UTI?
When you mention the sudden change it reminded me that often when there is a sudden change the patient has a UTI which can cause accelerated dementia behavior. Call his doctor.
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