She is a resident in a long term care facility. Any advice to calm her fear? Is there a way to distinguish if she is actually feeling physical pain rather than fear?

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Has anyone suggested the use of slide boards?  They're much safer than attempting to stand.

My father made 2 for my mother, one longer than the other.  We used them for wheelchair transfers to the car as well as transfers to chairs within the home.

The boards can also be purchased.      They now come in quite a variety of styles, depending on various issues, including weight, transfer sources (i.e., from wheelchair to bed, vice versa, wheelchair to toilet, etc.)

For wheelchair to bed, I would ask one of the physical therapists at the facility for their recommendations and suggestions.

To use:  armrest for the wheelchair would be removed on the side from which she's transferring.   I.e., if she's transferring initially from her left side, the left armrest would be removed.  Holding onto the right armrest, she'd tip slightly so that the board could be extended under her left hip.   Once the board is in place, she tips left to sit on the board. 

The left end of the board is placed on the bed, and held by someone assisting her.   She scoots over the board, onto the bed, tips to the left, and the board is removed from beneath her.

One caveat though is that ideally the bed has to be low enough to transfer onto, something not always seen in facilities.   The wide range of boards though, seem to allow for sliding at various angles; I haven't used any of these and don't know how easy it is.

No offense to you, but I would never use a gait belt for this kind of transfer.   In fact, after using them for awhile, I wouldn't feel comfortable using them w/o specifically being trained by a therapist.   They're just not sturdy enough.

There are a number of YouTube videos demonstrating slide board techniques, including for various physical conditions including some limited paralysis.

These sites give you ideas of the various options for transfer boards:

I would specifically ask the staff at her care facility to demonstrate the use of a board and see if your mother is more comfortable with it.
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The fear that comes with feeling you are going to fall, or trip, or be dropped is very, very real to a lot of elderly people.

Perhaps a word to the CG's that mom needs to be reassured that they will not drop her would be in order, as they are transferring her.

Just moving mother from her walker to my car is fraught with anxiety for mom. And me, to be honest. I can't catch her, nor really even support her as she transfers. We just take it slow.
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Can they try using a Hoyer lift?
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Reassurance is vital but is often sadly missing in care facilities. Imagine the fear of being dropped by strangers; that can be worse than physical pain.
What have you observed as to how the staff interact with your mom and other residents?
Talk with the nurse manager about your concern, see what is suggested.
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Is it possible she has been dropped or injured in any other way (twisted joints, pinched, ?) during these transfers? Do the staff appear competent? Do they take the time to explain what they are doing?
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