My mom is 55 and she is currently living with my soon to be 80 year old grandmother in California. I live out of state. My mom is drug dependent on (illegal drugs) and also dependent on prescription medication. Because of what the illegal drugs have done to her body she has developed drug induced schizophrenia. She is verbally abusive to my grandma and some of our family. She has not become physically abusive with my grandma, but in the past she has been physically abusive with other family members. We have called the police had her arrested. Ask the police what to do with no avail. We’ve tried to talk to her doctors and therapists but they will not communicate with us, because we are not on her hippa forms and she will not put us on them. she forgets simple things like calling windows lights and the last event she put a paper plate in a gas oven! The doctors especially the therapist seems to think she is doing okay! I am in a state of shock every time I hear the latest update. I need advice on what I should or can do legally, I know that my mom needs help but without have any type of guardianship or power of attorney, we keep running into walls. Meanwhile my mother keeps getting worse and worse and all I can do is watch...Please any advice would be great. I am getting ready to travel to California to try to accomplish some type of help for her, but just don't know where to start.

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This is a very serious and stressful situation...made even more difficult because you are out of state. I think a trip there will give you a more realisitic picture.
Before you go, call adult protection services and find out what your rights are. Getting a guardianship in place takes awhile. Tell the authorities about your suspicions and ask what steps you can take until they can investigate the situation. The process is better left to professionals.
If your mother has an arrest record, a history of abusing drugs and family members, it seems like a no-brainer that your grandmother is in danger. You may even have to contact an eldercare attorney. The more people you get on your side, chances are the authorities will be more "motivated" to act. Also, can your grandmother move in with other family members until you get this awful situation resolved? It is sad that she has to leave her home, but it will take awhile to get your Mom "evicted."
Who has your grandmother's Power of Attorney? He or she should be checking her finances as well.
Good luck...sounds like you have a long road to go...Lilli
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