I have written before about my father who has been having excessive saliva. I believe he has had a turn for the worse in that last evening after dinner he developed nonstop coughing and a horrible rattling sound in his throat. The coughing has subsided but the rattling has remained. The hospice nurse came and put him on oxygen and increased his medications. Is this just a bad patch that he is going through or is he in deep decline? My father is a very strong man and has withstood many sicknesses and accidents. But that rattling sound worries me. Any help you can give me is certainly much appreciated!

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I have seen that happen near the end of life in my years of working in nursing homes.
Often nursing will suction the thick excess mucous from their throat as their ability to handle their secretions diminishes. Breathing is always the priority.
The hospice nurses should be able to explain what is happening as they are very knowledgeable about it.
It is scary, and just being there and holding his hand can be very comforting.
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I would discuss this with his Hospice nurse as they know him best. It may be he is declining and there are certain signs of imminent death the hospice staff can identify but not in all cases. .
What did they say when they came out to increase his oxygen? He could be aspirating his food meaning it went into his lungs and not his stomach. His ability to swallow may be getting more difficult and he could be getting too tired and his end of time may be getting close.
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