My mother in law has had a long battle in and out of the hospital this year with multiple issues. She broke her femur a few weeks ago and was just moved to a skilled nursing home a 3 days ago. She was found unresponsive this morning, rushed to the ER, has a DNR and DNI, she is in full organ failure and septic shock. They have moved her to a hospice facility. Nurses can’t give us a timeline to expect on how long she has left. Any advice or sharing of your experiences at this point would be comforting.

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I am glad your MIL is on Hospice care. The team will guide you and support you during these difficult days. My father and brother were on Hospice. It is comforting to know you have a professional to turn to when the need arises. Hope and pray she will be a comfortable and peaceful during her last days as it should be.
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My brother died of septic shock. This will be fast. What I am telling you basically is that this will not go on for weeks. One at a time the systems will shut down. Hospice is your BEST guide in what to expect. Ask them all your questions. I am so sorry. I am so relieved that you have hospice on board to make certain your Mom is kept below the level of pain and air hunger.
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Dear "mhwv05,"

I'm so sorry you found your mother-in-law unresponsive this morning with what appears to be the end stages. It is heartbreaking to say the least with all that she's been through this year.

The best thing she has going for her is to have been moved into a hospice facility. Even though the nurses haven't been able to pin down a timeline as to how long she has left, I would think as they get her settled in they should be able to give you a clearer idea as the day wears on. Or you can see if you visually see some of the signs like, lower blood pressure, a decrease in urine production, mottling of the skin especially in the lower extremities, rattling while breathing and if she's somewhat awake, sometimes they like to "pick" at their clothing. You can ask hospice to give you their booklet on the end stages - they should at least be able to provide you with that.

I will be praying for you and your family as you prepare for what lies ahead.
I hope you will update us whenever you hear anything. May God give you strength -
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First off, I'm sorry that you and your family are going through this right now, as waiting for someone you love to die is very difficult. I know. I just watched my husband of 26 years go through a 6 week dying process. I'm glad your MIL is in a Hospice facility. She will receive great care there. I pray that she will go peacefully, and that you all will get to say to her what needs to be said. And just remember that only God knows the day and time when He will call her home, so just spend as much time with her as you can, and know that when the time comes, that she will be going to a much better place. God bless you.
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