We want to move to Tennessee with her from Nevada. How does that work?

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Agree with everything above.
The current hospice will handle the paperwork to transfer to a hospice in the new area
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What does his mother want?
Will she be buried in Tennessee?
Does anyone have family supports in Tennessee?
Do you already have housing and a job there?
You mention that you want to move, is there a need to move there now?

Medical transport by ambulance is how it is done, costing around $15,000,
or call to get an estimate.

Can you just leave her in hospice and go there by yourself, your boyfriend joining you later?

Would you or he have to travel back at some time to close up the house or sell it?

It is a smart thing to run this plan by the forum members here, and I am sure for you a difficult decision. I don't think it is such a rare occurence to be looking to move someone, perhaps closer to her family of origin?

Sure that I haven't covered all the scenarios, can you give more information?

Getting on with your lives is a common quandary for caregivers. Can you let us know how this works out for your boyfriend's mother? Are you doing the caregiving?
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You'd like your friend's dying mother to be closer to where you live, is that it?

Would his mother be able to travel more than 2,000 miles? How do you intend to get her there? I think that is the first consideration. If she is not able to travel, there is no point in thinking about this further.

Does his mother want to move to Tennessee?

Is she on Medicaid and will she continue to need Medicaid assistance? If so, changing states would be complicated, since she'd have to apply for Medicaid in Tennessee.

Her Medicare coverage that pays for the hospice care would be good in TN.

What is the mother's prognosis? My husband died within 5 weeks on hospice care. It would not have been worthwhile to move him 2000+ miles for such a short time. Some people continue on hospice care many months. No one can accurately predict when a patient will die, but I think it would be good to talk to the hospice nurse about their expectations and also to discuss whether this woman would be able to travel so far.

This is a very difficult position to be in. I wish you the best.
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