She qualified for Medicaid when she lived on her own in AZ, but I am trying to apply in NV since she moved in with me. On the application it asks to “List all other people in Household and income” I’m afraid if I list my family she wouldn’t qualify under our income. Please help!

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Just follow the instructions and don't try and second guess the outcome. You aren't going to be financially responsible for her in Nevada. If she were married and in the home a spouse's income and assets would be relevant. The spouse would be part of the household then.
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She may have to set up residency before she qualifies for Medicaid. Medicaid does not go over state lines. Call Medicaid about listing your income. Her application should be based on her income alone. You r not responsible for her care.
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Please consult an estate planning attorney in NV. We found more than one who offered free consultations. The lawyer we chose offered advice and we only paid for those services we chose to accept.
It was important that the finances all be arranged in the best way before the application was made. I would think it would be a worthwhile thing to do even if you were charged for the consultation.
If you can't find affordable advice from an attorney, you can check with your local Area on Aging and ask for a social worker. See if they have any literature or advice on the best way to proceed.
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