My mother fell and ht her head little of two years ago. She is almost 80 and her short term memory is getting worse each day. Her Dr. doesn't seem to think it's a big issue but we are watching her on a daily basis get worse. Can the fall and dementia be a factor and what test should she have done? Also can anyone recommend a Dr. in the Silver Spring, MD. Area who specializes in geriatrics? She has BC/BS and Medicaid.

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The answer is yes, but it could be number of reasons such as UTI, medications, or TIA (mini strokes). If I were you, I would take her to a family doctor ASAP and ask him/her to get SCAT or MRI scan for your mom because of her memory issues. Be firm with them!! Then, if they see abnormality in her brain, they might ask you to take your mom to neurologist.
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You might also consider consulting a neurologist, who probably would order an MRI to determine any abnormalities in her brain.

To find a doctor in your area, you might also ask other doctor you respect (I wouldn't ask the one who isn't concerned) for a recommendation. Or, as you plan, find a geriatrician and if you're comfortable with him or her, ask for recommendations for a neurologist.

BTW, did your mother see any doctor, go to the ER, or have any exam or treatment after the fall a few years ago?
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