What is the mortality rate for open lung biopsy?

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Most recent paper I can find says 3 to 4 %. Are you you or were you a smoker, or have other risk factors for lung cancer? The question about calcium deposits (which apparently can also occur in the lung) is an interesting one. I think I'd ask the pulmonologist that question.
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Diana, poor honey! I have no idea what the mortality rate for that procedure is. A friend's dad, in his 70s, had one last week and is fine.

Mortality rates for procedures/surgeries can be tricky to interpret. The night before my husband got opened up for a valve/aorta replacement, his surgeon said to me, " if you look up the mortality rate for this surgery, it's close to 50% (this was 10 years ago). This hospital's rate is under 10% and my personal rate is under 5%. Add to that the fact that your husband is a relatively young person to be having this (he was 50 at the time) and he's quite healthy aside from his aneurysm. So HIS actual mortality rate is very low". PS, he came through just fine.

I would check out the surgeon/hospital rate. Find a surgeon you trust and who explains everything and who answers all your questions. I hope all goes well.
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