How can I get my Mom to understand that she doesn't have to urinate every 15 minutes? -

How can I get my Mom to understand that she doesn't have to urinate every 15 minutes?


My mom thinks she has to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes or less. She feels like her bladder is full and that she will wet her pants. Her doctor doesn't want to give her anything for over active bladder because of the side effects. She is wearing herself and me out walking to the bathroom over and over and over. I have her wearing depends to bed at night. She hates it, but I can't get up every few minutes to take her to the bathroom. Any suggestions?

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It maybe a UTI. Get her checked. A year ago my mom started seeing a urogynocologist. They did a test on how she is emptying which was ok. And they pit a camera in her bladder, geez was it ever inflamed. So doc started her on a regimen of medications to help. Thought she may have had a UTI about a month ago because she was in the bathroom every 20 mi utes and at least once an hour through the night. I took her to the doc, and it was suggested to stop giving ber cranberry juice and supplements as sometimes they will cause problems with frequency. Stopped the cranberry everything and frequency is much reduced! Hooray!
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If her problem is due to a prolapsed uterus, a Pessary Ring could be inserted by a gynecologist. The doctor will show her how to remove and insert it on her own. It doesn't require surgery or drugs. The gynecologist would determine if this would benefit her condition. A urologist would be the next step to determine what is causing her urinary condition. This is what I am currently going thru with my mom. Though, she is not a candidate for the ring because the gynecologist said she has a urethral prolapse that will probably require sling surgery. So, we have to see a urologist about that. My mom has lost all muscle control on her bladder and wears pads with depend pants. Please have a doctor diagnose her problem before it gets worse. There may be an easy fix that a gynecologist or urologist can recommend. Good luck I feel for you.
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That's a very good idea, JessieBelle - and if your mother is able to get out of bed by herself, Elizabeth, there are commodes that look like ordinary pieces of furniture (if not terribly attractive ones, I agree).

I assume her doctor has checked there's no u.t.i., has he? Frequency can be a symptom, but I expect that's the very first thing you looked for.
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This sounds miserable for both of you. Do you have to take her every time she goes? Chances are that she does feel like she has to go every few minutes. If she doesn't have a urinary tract infection (UTI), it sounds like it is an irritable bladder and probably weak pelvic muscles. Do you think she wants to use the bathroom because her bladder is sending signals? Or do you think it is because she is afraid of having an accident?

There is a bladder remedy made by AZO that give some people a little relief from irritable bladder. The main problem with it is that it has to be administered carefully, because it can stain things red if the pill touches them. It also colors the urine red and could create a mess if there was an accident. You may want to try the AZO, though, and see if it works with your mother. You can buy it in the pharmacy area of many stores. I have bought some at Kmart in the past. It did help with my mother, who has had bouts of irritable bladder.

I hope you're able to find something that helps. If the frequent trips continue, I would be tempted to put a potty next to her chair so she could just get up and down as needed. It wouldn't be great for the decor, but it might help to save your sanity.
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