My mother began have seizures on Sunday the 15th of March and was rushed to the hospital; she was discharged home on the 17th. Before this happened my mother could go to the bathroom with just a little assistance, but her nurse suggested that I buy a bedside commode, which I did, because her walking is very unsteady right now. The only problem is she refuses to use it. I got her to sit on it a couple of times, but she complained that she "couldn't fit" although she seemed to fit fine to me. A couple of times I've caught her trying to walk to the bathroom - against my better judgement I let her proceed, staying close behind her, but once she got to the bathroom door she tried to get her walker through the narrow entrance and, of course, couldn't. I tried to help her grasp on to the bars by the toilet, but she gave up, went back to bed and I thanked God that she didn't fall. Upon returning to bed I asked her if she wanted to use the commode and her reply was a firm "NO." She's gone a few times in her Depends now and I've cleaned her up - but her hatred of the commode is so great that I finally had to move it and get it out of her line of sight - she kept saying "Take that away! Take that away!" Has anyone else ever had this problem? Any ideas how I could make her accept and use the commode? Thank you.

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Charlie, nobody likes a commode. Can you widen the bathroom doorway or add grab bars for her? At some point she really will need the wide doorways and comfort height toilet and walk in shower. So either think about remodeling or find her a nice place that has those things.
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