She's been once reluctantly and got pill for memory but now she's imaging things and doc wants her to go to neurologist but she thinks she has no problem.

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I agree with both WINDYRIDGE & GIVINGITMYALL - make the experience 'fun' - take her out once or twice without any appointment [a.k.a. get her guard down] for lunch etc - make 2 appointments with dr - 1 for you & 1 for her but don't tell her -

Tell mom you have to make a short stop before/after lunch - go into 'your' app't first & clue in dr but make it short - then ask dr to walk you out to where mom is waiting, feign surprise & say 'why gee Mary I haven't seen you in a while - why don't you come in while you're here & save a trip because just yesterday, I noticed your XXXX needs updating' - try to go in with her by having dr say 'come in too Lori so your mom doesn't have repeat it all later'

Hope this works - isn't it a shame that we adults are sharing ways to 'trick' our elders but that is what happens with dementia etc - I am sure you try to always treat your mom with kid gloves & I find that having my mom overall look at me with pleasure helps but I always bring her something whether a special coffee from Tim's or a cooler to share - you get best info from those in the trenches - good luck & let us know how it works out
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I tricked my dad into going to a much needed podiatrist by telling him I had a bad foot. Ya wanna ride with me to the doc? Well get a Wendy's. The doc was great, played along, SO WHILE YOURE HERE MR ........LETS CHECK OUT YOUR FEET. Dad got his nasty nails trimmed and his feet all cleaned up. He goes back every 6 weeks now because I told him it was a free seniors program. You gotta do whatever it takes.
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Would it be possible for you to make the appointment and then sort of trick her into going? I used to tell mom that I had a question to ask the doctor. But I wouldn't tell her we were even going until we were there. Until we got in the building, we were just running errands. We would have lunch out and make it a nice day out. Therapeutic fibbing.
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