My Mom has dementia. She constantly walks and we have stairs. We have been watching her closely but she recently fell down the stairs and had stitches in her lip and lost a tooth. She was unconscious for a few minutes after the fall. The CT Scan showed no broken bones and she was released from the hospital. Since released and home, she has slept a lot!! All day long! Maybe woke up for about 30 min. She tries to walk but can't hold herself up now. I'm scared! What can be going on now.? She has a follow up appointment tomorrow. We are searching for healthcare services for her. We have to safe proof the house or send her somewhere safe! Any helpful suggestions or thoughts please?

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Did the hospital do a head CT? I would be concerned that she is having some bleeding in her brain due to the accident which was not detected. Obviously she hit her head hard enough to be knocked out and lose a tooth. She may have some slow seepage of blood in her brain that is causing the symptoms of sleeping and her inability to walk. IMO, you should call an ambulance to take her to the ER and ask them to do a brain scan on her. I would not wait until tomorrow as she may need emergency brain surgery to stop the bleeding. This could be fatal, so I would take these symptoms very seriously and act quickly to get help.

See a doctor quickly if any of the following symptoms occur after a head injury
Drowsiness when you would normally be wide awake (but see below).
Worsening headache - which does not go away with paracetamol (but see below).
Confusion, strange behaviour, any problems understanding or speaking.
Loss of use of part of the body - for example, weakness in an arm or leg.
Dizziness, loss of balance or walking strangely.
Fitting (convulsions) or collapse followed by feeling strange afterwards.
Any visual problems, such as blurring of vision or double vision.
Blood or clear fluid leaking from the nose or ear.
New deafness in one or both ears.
Unusual breathing patterns.
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Pure and simple she had a stroke. The follow up should include another CT scan of her head to see how much damage there is from the stroke or the fall. You either need a bathroom and bedroom on the first floor, or find a nursing home for her.
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