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Your profile says Mom is in a nursing home. I guess you can be glad that this is essentially their problem to deal with. Visit with your mom about pleasant things. Do activities with her (cards, coloring, simple board games, etc.). Let the professionals deal with the dementia behaviors.

I don't know what it is about paper that seems to attract undue attention in dementia. My husband had a dripping nose, and went through a box of tissues in a day. Even though the wastebasket was next to his chair, he'd throw each used tissue as far as he could. I'd walk into a room with a dozen used paper tissues on the floor. Arggh! This obsession only lasted a few weeks. Maybe your mom will go on to some other obsession soon, too.
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My husband does the same thing with toilet paper & paper towels. In his case, he becomes fixated on certain things. Before his dementia set in, he knew where & what towels to use. Now, it's whatever in front of him. Yesterday he was wiping he face with a pillow case. It's gotten to the point of having to supervise the bathroom visits. I have to hand him the towels to use & reinforce the action: "Mom, use this towel to dry yourself." It's worth a try.
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