My mom is in the hospital due to a combination of a stroke and an aneurysm. She is now brain dead, we just found out she had a DNR, we let the hospital know to honor her wishes but because it was never signed by her or by the family the hospital cannot honor her wishes. What can we do?

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There is criteria for brain death testing. Has she had the full test or is it being planned to do it and officially declared. You do not mention her age. Could she be young enough to be an organ donor? That official test is needed before you would be asked. If she is fully declared, then there will no longer be a need for the ventilator. Her body eill not last much longer. I assume she is on a ventilator because if she is still breathing on her own then she does not meet death criteria.
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Not sure if she has to sign a DNR just her doctor. No one had medical POA? What are they saying that if she codes they have to revive her? Get Hospice in. Then they can cannot revive. Shecwill be allowed to go naturally.
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What I suspect is that the treating doctors will fairly quickly discuss the case, and recommend that prolonged life support not be given as it can't reverse her condition.    If the hospital is a for profit one, that action may come sooner than if it were a nonprofit hospital.

But you have every right to ask this question of the treating doctors. 

I'm sorry to learn of this challenging and sad situation, and wish peace for you and all your family during the difficult time.
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I don't think anything will happen differently than it would have with a DNR. My FIL had a brain bleed and no DNR. While he did have surgery at first (at my mother-in-law's request and because no one quite knew what was going on inside his head), he had a second brain bleed the next day, and the doctor said he was brain dead and there was nothing more to do. He died a few hours later. Had he not had the surgery, he'd had died within a few hours of collapsing the first day.

I'm terribly sorry.
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I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. I don't know the answer to this but just wanted to wish you well.

God Bless!
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In the absence of instructions or consent from the patient, the hospital is still obliged to act in her best interests; it seems very unlikely they would attempt resuscitation on a patient who has been described as brain dead.

Are they actually proposing any treatment or management that you disagree with? - or, more to the point, that you believe your mother would have withheld her consent to?
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If she is truly brain dead, then you won't have to worry about her DNR or anything else, as she will be dead soon, as it's the brain that controls all the bodies organs. Yes the Dr.'s could suggest putting her on life support, but usually when there's no hope for any kind of recovery, they will suggest pulling the plug.
I am so sorry that you and your family are having to go through this. I hope and pray that your mom will go peacefully, and that God will give you His peace and comfort for the days, and weeks ahead. God bless you.
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Who is medical POA? I would discuss it with her doctor. So sorry about your mom.
Surely there should be something that can be done about her DNR status.I think her doctor needs to sign it .Sending my prayers to you and your dear mother,
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First of all, I am so terribly sorry for all of you, especially your mom, since her desire not to be resuscitated was unintentionally overlooked.

I don’t know what the protocol for this is. Have you reached out to the hospital social worker? I suppose that I would start there.

Stick around for more answers. Again, I am so sorry that you are in this situation. I wish you peace as you navigate your way through this challenging time in your lives.
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