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I met with my LO's doctor to discuss Palliative care and how to keep her comfortable. In her late stage dementia, they are removing all meds that do not result in helping her stay comfortable. Does your mother have an advanced medical directive or has she told you had she feels about the issue?
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The thyroid medication may still be necessary, but I'd quit the cholesterol meds altogether. At some point, those are simply, well, pointless.

Check with the dr, but I imagine at this point, shoving meds for high cholesterol down a patient's throat is really no important. And BTW, all of them are so NASTY tasting. I'm on 3, believe it or not, and not one of them is palatable in the least.
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Thyroids that are not at the proper level actually cause behavior just like dementia. MJ, your Mom's brain isn't working properly. And, giving meds at night when dementia patients often exhibit sundowners may make it more difficult to get her to take them. Try moving the thyroid meds to first thing in the morning (if it is synthroid or similar - on an empty stomach). Try slipping the cholesterol into applesauce midday. I would be more concerned with the thyroid med and I would work really hard to get that into her.
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I requested mthr be taken off anything that was not for her comfort late in her dementia. I'd prefer if she did not live long as a bed bound person, and she even wrote notes about assisted suicide early in her dementia so I don't think she'd want to stay alive that way either.

Taking someone off cholesterol drugs does not kill them, it simply does not prevent disease progression. I don't know about thyroid drugs, but you can look that up on the internet or talk to the doctor's office. We've opted for comfort care only - palliative care.
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