and she apparently screamed the entire time. Their answer to me well her average response time is 13 minutes- I told them that means nothing when shes hurt and screaming for 40 minutes on the floor. Can any one tell me what is the time that is reasonable for a facility to respond to your loved one. I'm heartbroken

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This is so sad. I can understand why you are so heartbroken. Forty minutes seems very long to me. Assisted living isn't the same as a nursing home, but one reason people go to live in AL is because they may need help and want people around to respond in a reasonable manner.

I would think a fifteen minute time frame should give them plenty of room to gather two people who can help out a resident. Frankly, five minutes is too long if they person is in pain, but we have to be reasonable, since the AL may need certified people to respond in order to comply with regulations. However, the bottom line is that - if they need certified people - they should have them available to respond quickly. You may want to check with other AL facilities in your area and ask what their response time is.
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How is your Mom?

The response time to the call button is one of the problems we also encountered at our very costly assisted living places for Mom.

Each facility may have a different policy regarding what is an appropriate wait time.
If I were you, I'd contact your local ombudsman.
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