Developed blood clot, on meds. Does anyone have experience with this situation. Mom has dementia, CHF, and is diabetic, in alot of pain but doesn't understand she can get pain meds if she asks. Sometimes she forgets she can't walk and the NH can't restrain her.

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My mom tries to stand up or climb off the bed. She has no clue what the call button is.
She is a fall risk and very frail so I hired a sitter to be with her all the time at NH.
The NH manages her pain very well without over medicating her. I hope your mom's
condition improves. Take good care of yourself, too.
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My mother (with dementia) in her 90s lived in a nursing home for 2 and a half years, and never did learn to press her call button. After her hip broke and was deemed irreparable she was in terrible pain. She was put on hospice care and set up with a regular schedule for pain meds. Additional meds were authorized if they seemed to be needed.

She improved dramatically and was dismissed from Hospice care in three months. She could not bear weight. She was a 2-person transfer with a lifting device. She was fine with the wheelchair but not fond of the device to get her from the bed to chair. A regular schedule of meds kept her out of pain. She was not often in her room -- at activities or just in a common room chatting with other residents. There are aides and other staff in and out of these rooms all the time and mother could call one over. It wasn't that she was reluctant to call for help -- she just couldn't remember what the call button was for.

Hospice was very helpful, btw. They arranged a special mattress, had a geri-chair for her, sent a volunteer just to keep her company 2x a week (doing her nails, working crosswords with her, etc.) and had an RN stop in at least 2x a week. Since other people used that same service she was in the building everyday and often stopped to she Mother more than the scheduled two times.

After the hospice service ended, Mom remained in the NH 2 years, during which time she was generally content. She died at age 94.

I wish you and your mother all the best.
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Sorry for not elaborating

Yes, you can get hospice in a NH. Talk to the sw about that.

My mother never asks for pain meds and when asked if she's in pain says no. And then a minute later she is weeping in pain.

Rather than allow her to be in pain, we have her on scheduled pain meds with more if she requests or seems to need.
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Thanks Barb, i wonder if she can get hospice while in a nursing home? Dont know if what she has is terminal, but thank for suggestions.
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Have them put her pain meds on a schedule. Have you thought about hospice?
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