My mother who has younger onset alzheimers is always on the go. In some ways it is good because she is positive and motivated and keen to get out and be social , but during the sundowning period from aout 4pm she STILL wants to " get going" and won't wind down or relax.
She walks in and out of rooms in the house telling me to hurry up because everyone is waiting and we need to get going. She loves being in the car, so sometimes when this is happening I will take her to the supermarket but as soon as we are out of the car she starts saying " come on we need to get home".
So it is almost like she is NEVER satisfied with where she is and needs to keep going somewhere.
She also pulls all the sheets off her bed during this time too. if I remake the bed she just pulls it all apart 10 minutes later.
It is very tiring. It only stops once she has had a bath and in bed.
She isn't being aggressive or is just annoying and I wish there was a way to take the anxious 'edge' off so she could relax.
She does sleep well through the night thank fully.
She has been on zoloft for many years and The doctor has now also prescribed Risperdal for the sundowning, which I haven't tried yet as.
I have read some bad reviews and I'm very cautious to give her anything that may trigger more of a progression of the dementia.
Has anyone had any experience with this drug?
Anyone else have a similar restless alzheimers loved one on another drug that has helped?
Thanks in advance.

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Risperdol is a powerful drug. How much trust to you put in this doctor's advice? He or she is trying to help (from the sound of things) and sometimes Risperdol can do that. However, you are wisely concerned about side effects. If your mother tries this drug she needs to be monitored closely.

Ativan or other anti-anxiety drugs can also be used but they also have down sides so working with the doctor is what is necessary.

I wish we had more doctors trained in integrative medicine because there are herbs that may help but you really should have professional advice before using them with someone on anti-depressants so you're likely stuck with regular pharmaceutical options.

Much comes down to your trust in the doctor. If he or she will listen to you if you see negative side effects, maybe Risperdol is worth a try.

Good luck with this decision and please keep us posted.
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Thank you, I'm pleased with your response because when I voiced my concern to the doctor he made me feel like I was being overly concerned about it making her worse and made it very clear that my mothers dementia is progressive ( like I didn't know!) .
This doctor is a geriatrician who deals with dementia in elderly.
We initially tried herbs a couple of years ago with a different doctor( mums local GP) brahmi tone / high dose b12 etc, but these dodnt help with su downing.
The GP also gave me a script for Kalma for my mother but I never filled that script either.
What are your thoughts on Kalma?
Maybe kalma would be safer to try ?
I know you have to try these things but I am just so worried that it might be the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak.
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