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I want to find out if Medicaid called MediCal in California, covers a decent mattress?


I was looking for help for myself as I have a lot of pain from Degenerative Disc Disease/arthritis/Cervical Dystonia. I want to find out if Medicaid (called Medcal in California where I live) covers anything like a decent mattress? I think a lot of my pain is because I don't have a decent bed.

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Thank you for all the info GA. I haven't but 2 places to choose from, and Del Norte is private I'm pretty sure. I heard they were the best in my small town so I requested them. They do have senior rates at the gym that I may join afterwards, if I can't afford to continue on. I love being able to workout at a gym. I am terrible about working out on my own at home. I will walk, but that doesn't do a lot for upper body:)

My Max-Freeze has some good ingredients, but I may go down to our Health market when that runs out. Mine has camphor and teatree oil but I can't think of what else. I'm sure it's not as pure as you're talking but it will do for now.

I did get my appt. at the PT but not until next Thurs. but they'll call me before if there is a cancellation.

Thank you again for everything you shared with me:) Denise
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Denise, before you start PT, if it's at a place affiliated with a hospital, ask about follow-on therapy. In Michigan, last time I had PT I could continue at the facility for 2 months at a cost of $25 per month.

When I had PT at a private sector therapy facility, they wanted $95 per month plus execution of an indemnification clause for follow-on therapy.

I've found that therapists at hospitals are more thorough and supportive than private sector therapists. And they're not focused on sports therapy as some private sector therapists are.

Hospitals are more generous in allowing patients to continue to use the facility for workouts at reasonable costs.

I don't know if this would work for you; it's something I've relied on for years. I found and purchased some muscle balm at a fall art show. It's made by a woman who grows her own herbs and is obsessive about purity of products for her herbal lines. Her muscle salve worked wonders for a sore neck and periodic acute back pain.

I wasn't able to get any from her this time, so I've switched to another muscle balm that I feel is really helpful. It's the Lucky Tiger balm, with camphor and eucalyptus plus hers. The fragrance is relaxing, and the balm itself is very helpful for minimizing pain.

I don't know if this would help with your condition, but it's really helpful for me so I like to share this discovery with others.
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Hi 97,

Yes, I called the Medicaid/Medical here last week, and they said if my doctor gives me a cpt #, then we can look on their list at Medical and see if the equipment is covered. I just need a mattress, and like I told Tacy, if they won't pay for it, it will take me about 3 months, but I can save enough for a much, better one than I have now:)

Thank you so much for your help!! Denise
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Oh thanks Tacy, was so surprised to get an answer that quick. Wow, I sure hope I never have to have the surgery:( I'm 63 and was just diagnosed with this. I have a call in about a mattress but yeah, I sort of doubt it. I can buy a better one, it just takes a few months to save up. I can though:)

I was given naproxin, but first, when I was in the office last week they gave me a shot of Toradol. That worked so good. But they wouldn't prescribe the pill form. I am very athletic for being 63, usually dance, use the machines, and stretching is so good to for my cervical dystonia. I will start the PT soon I hope (the doc is supposed to refer me to them) and then the weather is clearing again so I can get out and walk too. I usually walk 4-6 miles 3 or 4 times a week. But upper body is where I hurt the most;)

Thank you again, and so appreciate your reply:) Denise
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Medicare will cover a hospital bed that comes with a mattress if your doctor orders it. Call a medical supply outfit and ask them about the mattress. They could tell you what the prescription from your doctor would need to include. The bed I know about was for a CHF patient who needed to sleep with her head elevated. She would complain about the mattress so not sure this would help you. I'm sorry for your pain.
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I had back surgery when I was 18 from degenerative disc disease. My neurosurgeon suggested putting a pillow between my knees when I sleep. I had 2 cortozone injections in 2002 for pain and they are still working. Being active and stretching helps the most but treadmills are too hard on the back.

I dont know about California, but Michigan would not cover a mattress.
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