My elderly dad had been receiving either the Medicaid SLMB or QMB for which he qualified (TX), and was receiving services - home attendant services, meals-on-wheels,etc. Then, he had to go into a NH (long term care). B4 he did, I had completed an app for one of the other HHS state programs. I disclosed 2 life insurance policies he had. Two of them had small cash values, however it exceeded the allowed guidelines, therefore denying the app. I put the paperwork aside because next thing I knew, he became very ill, went into a hospital near my home and then into rehab where it was felt he needed to remain, and not return home. Initially, I completed the long-term care Medicaid application for pending in the NH. He was approved for it seems like almost 18mos, and is now due for re-certification. With the paperwork I was mailed, they had the main 2 policies listed on there showing cash values back to when I filled out the app the first time. It was old data, but what reflected back to 2 yrs ago. It also showed a vehicle still owned back then and a bal remaining on the loan at that time of application made. However, after Dad was qualified for long-term NH care, within a few months, we changed policy ownership to myself for the 2 policies. He is no longer policyholder as I am, and I am now paying annual premiums for only one of the policies. The other policy is only $3k, but paid up in full - it has cash value of abt $2300. Othr policy is cash val $700 on $5k policy I pay annual premiums on, from my own pocket. Will Medicaid penalize Dad or me for policyholder ownership change from him to me when I apply for his NH re-certification? I also had to sell truck (which there was no balance remaining and the loan was paid off already; TX HHS had incorrect info on this is what it appeared to me) in order to pay for upkeep maintenance (taxes) on home/estate property (protected via Life Enhanced Deed), and for awhile I also kept the utilities on with the help of the monies I received from that sale of the vehicle. I'm hoping Medicaid won't penalize for this change of policy holder ownership. We figured if I was going to have to keep up the premiums myself, then it should be changed over to me. However, Medicaid already has records showing that he was once the owner of, and I am worried they may penalize his NH re-certification or worse, accuse he & I of fraud. We did not want to cash out &/or surrender policies to a funeral home. When I sold the truck, I deposited the monies back into his account, where I was able to pay property taxes, utilities, etc for maintenance of. It's taking a huge toll on me and now I am worried because I did not consult an elder attorney beforehand. In the process of filling out re-cert paperwork now, and I don't know if I just cross out those policies on there w/his name & put that I am now the owner of or what?? Thanks for any advisement on how I should handle these corrections without raising any suspicions which would negatively affect my father's NH re-certification.

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You have to pay your Dad the cash value of the policies, so put $3000 into his account and immediately spend it down on something of his, for example: paint the house inside and out and keep the receipts. Or prove where you have already spend $3000 of your own money on the house and agreed to take the policies as reimbursement for those expenses.
Show the receipt/deposit/expenses associated with the truck.
As long as you have records to prove where it went, you are OK.
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