My mom is 62. She had a massive stroke 5 days ago and is not communicative at all. She did not have a Power of Attorney. I am her only child. How do I pay her bills?

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Is your mom in a hospital or a rehab? Wherever she is I'm sure there's a social worker available. Get in touch with the social worker and explain your situation.

Since it's only been 5 days there's no telling right now how disabled your mom may or may not be permanently. She could come a long way with physical rehab and occupational rehab. Don't lose hope.

As far as paying her bills, yes it would be easier if you had POA but you don't right now. Gather her financial information together, see what bills she has coming due and then call them. You will be able to make payments without having POA but you won't be able to get any information on her accounts or make any changes. But they will take the money without a POA. Explain to them that your mom's had a stroke, you don't have POA, but that you would like to make a payment. They won't turn you down.

This isn't the ideal way to go about it but it should do for now.
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