Is AARP life insurance any good?


I read Life Term is not the best insurance on her brochure is said I can change to permanent Insurance.

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AARP is just a referral service, you can find a lot more answers on your own. Bear in mind there are a lot of cheap and easy solutions that will give you only a maximum of $25K, no benefits for two years and all pre-existing conditions void any payment.
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I don't have much knowledge of life insurance so I'm only commenting on the AARP products in general. I did compare rates on auto insurance with my own vs. their affiliate company, and their were higher by several hundred dollars. Same with homeowners insurance. I didn't see that their products were any better than what I could get through a good agent.

AARP also affiliates with health care companies to solicit for Medicare products, and they make a pest of themselves. Despite having told them to stop (sometimes angrily), they're still sending solicitations to my sister even though she's been dead 11 years.

My personal feeling is that AARP affiliated products are not with companies that necessarily benefit the policyholders.

Having said that, if you are interested in life insurance, you could get better information by contacting your insurance agent and inquiring generally about life insurance, then compare rates and terms with those of the AARP affiliate.
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