! Specially since my husband just wants to work work work, to provide for me!!!!! I want to help him, but I dont know alot about diabetes and how to help! anyone with any knowledge at all or a link would so mych help me out, to learn what to look for, as well as what to do to be of more help, especially not letting him pig out on ice cream before bed, he always says that he only lives once, and doesnt want to go beserk, taking care of his sugar, that everybody dies anyway,,,,, please someone help me to help him!!!!
thanks again to all who care

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First - explain that he won't be able to work for long if he doesn't take care of the diabetes. This is harsh but he must hear this: Death from diabetes may be instantaneous - if you're lucky. You'll go into insulin shock then a coma and never wake up. However, most people die a slow death and it takes years - loss of toes, then a foot or a leg. Teeth fall out, he'll get sores all over that won't heal. Blindness, confusion, dialysis - he could live YEARS with these conditions and be so sick he can't work at all. Who'll provide for both of you then?

To find out more about diabetes, what patients should/should not do contact your local hospital to see if they have seminars on diet, nutrition and lifestyle. The American Diabetes Association also has all kinds of information online and can suggest reading material for you.

On a practical side - if you do all the shopping, simply stop buying foods with a lot of refined sugar - soda pop, ice cream, boxed cereal- read every label. I am beginning to read articles - none from US sources - that say all the artificial sweeteners are WORSE for people, diabetics included, than sugar - so don't over do on those either.

Get thee to a diabetes seminar and good luck!
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