I have an 84 year old mother that lives with my brother in her house. He works all day, so she does not see him until the evening. I am her daughter and primary caregiver and I still work.
I take her to her doctors, dentists, eye, etc. apptmnts. Sometimes my brothers takes her, but I'm running out of sick days for her. We tested her for Alzheimers and Dementia, but everything shows good. Her memory is deteriorating with age, and she is very upset and depressed about it. Winters are very long for her to stay at home and do nothing. My question is, Is there a Seniors Exercise Programs in Sayreville/Parlin, New Jersey area that she can join so that she can excercise and get some badly needed oxygen. She still drives, not much, but she does.
She does not want to join a Senior Citizen Organization because she does not want to look at those poor seniors with wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, etc. that depresses her even more because she knows that she will get there eventually.

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Few people ever want to join seniors programs for the very reason you state, but once they join they often find there are others like them.

You'd have to call the social services people in the area or a senior service organziation to see if they have a program to suit her.

Adult day care is a great alternative. She will fight that, as well, but once she goes, if it's a good one, they will get her interested in doing things. That's what she needs - a purpose. Many people call it "volunteering" or something so they don't feel so "old."

Good luck in finding something. You are right that she needs to get out. I know what it is to use up all of your vacation time for their doctor appointments. I did it. There's only so much you can do.

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