Mom who is 89 has elevated liver enzymes and so far we can not find a reason. The number is 360 now and she sleeps most of the time. She never drank alcohol and was only on an anti depressant for the last few years (now she is off it). Can this be reversed or is this the beginning of the end of life? We are taking her to a GI doc, but do not know if there is anything that can be done since they can not find the cause. With this condition, if it is the end of life, how long can someone live with this problem. The only symptom is tiredness right now. Thanks

Cholesterol meds cause this problem. Mom was taken off and the numbers went down. Her PCP put her back on but then she was diagnoised with Graves disease that effects the Thyroid. Because she was getting a Thyroid med Tapazole that would effect her liver, she was taken off the cholesterol med for a second time and I was told never to allow her to go back on.
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How is your mom's weight? Obesity can cause a "fatty liver" and elevated enzymes also.
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Your mom has what is call Cirrhosis of the liver. The cause can be from many things. People usually think that drinking is the main cause, however, there are many didn't things that can cause this. Medications like some antidepressant, some of the over the counter pain pills, hepatitis C, cancer of the liver, or cancer in other parts of the body that has spread to the liver.
The Liver is the filter for the body along with Kidneys. Everything we eat and drink goes through these two organs. Therefore, I am sorry to tell you a person cannot live without a liver. Being that your mother's number is very high tells me that the Liver has been under attack for awhile now.
I am glad that you are taking her to see a GI Dr. Prehaps there is something they can do for her. Don't give up hope. I am just telling you what I know from your post.

I do hope things work out for you, and may God be with you and your family.
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